How To Select Floating Shelves For Bathroom

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Technological developments coupled with advanced manufacturing processes have led to the development of many useful man-made materials. These materials are strong and durable and overcome many of the limitations of natural or other products that had hitherto been considered wonderful. Let’s consider glass for instance, one of the most brittle materials that we have known since ages. Despite its positive features, its use was rather limited, because of its being prone to breaking into thousands of tiny pieces, which proved fatal time and again.

Present day technology has to a great extent succeeded in overcoming the negative characteristics of glass. These days, different kinds of it are manufactured to suit different applications. Some of them are as strong as metals and they don’t break easily, and even when they do, there are not those dangerous miniscule pieces, as you might have noticed sometimes with an accidental vehicle.

bathroom shelves

Modified characteristics of glass have opened many channels for its industrial and domestic applications and the one that comes to immediate mind is beautifully crafted pieces of furniture and shelves in attractive designs and colors. Glass shelves prove to be items of great utility in most homes. They can be designed to carry heavy loads, are installed conveniently and an average homeowner can easily undertake such installation without asking for any professional help.

Of the many kinds of glass shelves, the one that continues to fascinate most people is known as floating glass shelf. These are transparent enclosures of glass and are installed to give the impression as if suspended in mid air. That effect of floating in the air is achieved by incorporating specially designed connectors, which hold them on the wall, but remain invisible to the onlooker.

Floating glass shelves make a unique appearance on the walls and the contents that you may decide to house therein suddenly begin to look all the more interesting and impressive. You can store almost any item in these shelves like: antiques, figurines, books and magazines, electronic gadgets, or even wine glasses. It all depends upon your personal preferences and requirements. Further, they require minimal maintenance as you don’t have to paint or polish them periodically; just wipe them clean with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

You get them in many sizes and designs, depending on the intended purpose that you might have. Another helpful feature is that you can a number of them and fix them on the wall in a staggered manner. If you like to display a series of items, arrange the shelves in an eye catching fashion, keeping in mind that smaller items are easily viewed if placed close to each other at eye level, while larger ones have to be spaced keeping their height in mind.

Before you go out to buy floating glass shelves it will be good to do a bit of your homework. At the outset, you should be clear of the items that you like to store, yes it refers to the weight and size of the items because that determines the kind of shelves you can have. The quality of glass and its thickness needed for storage of heavier items, say books or music systems is certainly different from the one needed for displaying your small lightweight figurines. Another important aspect is to decide the spot where you are going to keep it floating! Takes measurements and buy an appropriate size for perfect fitment.


  1. Hi Sandra, and all other readers. You certainly know a lot about shelves and different ways to use them. Have you ever come across The 305 System? It offers floating glass and timber shelves and has a lot more strength than any other floating shelf I could find. I have only just installed a system myself, so it is early days, but it is worth checking out if you are interested. Where are you based?

  2. Sorry, I should have given you the URL as it would help you to find it that way.