Floating Wall Shelving Ideas

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There is too large a variety of wall shelving with an equally large number of designs and materials. One could have a traditional one to the ultra mod designs and materials. You are sure to find one that suits your budget and fits your idea of shelving.

My son in his growing years would like a Nike ‘tick’- made by IKEA, it really was shaped like a ‘tick’. I wonder if IKEA still continues with that design, but you could anyway check it on their website.

Glass has been a favorite material of mine, as far as wall shelving is concerned. I like a particular design made by Argos. It comprises of a set of glass shelves that can be assembled at home and is suitably packed for the purpose. It has a height of 60cm with a width of 45 cm and all the pieces are held together by a dark wooden central piece.

They describe it as a Wave 3-Tier Glass Wall Shelving Unit and sell it for about $41.00.

At the other end we have the Harmony Wall Paneled Shelving Unit 200 produced by Arena Furniture. It is being retailed for nearly $954.00 and comprises of nine glass shelves set in to three individual shelving tiers. There is nothing to prevent me from concluding that the prices have a lot more to do with the name of the manufacturer than the real worth of a wall shelving unit. And, you might as well have a look at Alcove Shelving Unit that is designed by Terence Conran. To me it gave the impression of a pile of open-ended cardboard boxes on top of each other. Walnut is the material used and is also available in white.

Patent Office Shelving, produced by Retrouvius, is one shelving idea that I certainly like. This adjustable shelving system is made of cast iron and comes with the option of a single side or double sided to suit your specific requirements. Their retail price is about $955.00. Though they are labeled as retail shelving, the price and attractive design I am prompted to use them at home and find them strong enough to take the weight of all my books.

Another range of attractive shelving is provided by Kalusto Company but is rather expensive. One model of their wall shelving from the Tonelli Collection is called Chicane Wall Hanging Book Shelf. It’s priced at $1251.00 and may hold a weight of up to 5 Kg! Now that’s not my idea of a shelf.


Various Floating Shelf Solutions

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It shouldn’t take long for anyone to realize that the best way to save floor space, that is already at such a high premium, is to make use of vertical space. And, what better way to use that than incorporating floating shelves!

You can use them to store books, clothes, collectibles, cleaning products, papers, or almost anything. Wall shelves can be mounted conveniently and add an element of decor to the area around.

There is a large variety of shelving styles to choose from. This may comprise of: corner shelves, ladder shelves, hanging shelves, wall shelves, floating shelves. Then, there is a choice of materials also to choose from. You could have them in wood, plastic and glass, just to mention the more popular ones. Selecting one is not going to be a game and you would need to spend sometime researching on the net. That’s the ideal way to have one that best suits your taste and requirements at very competitive prices.

Corner shelves can offer a lot to facilitate putting to use certain areas of your room that you might have never occurred to you. With floor space at the prices we know, corner shelves are specifically more suited for smaller rooms and could ideally be utilized for displaying items like collectibles, photos, or sports memorabilia.

Ladder Shelves can be put to a good effect if you have any extra floor space. Ladder Shelves may be used many ways. Use them for from storing supplies in your office. For a ladder passing thru the living room there is no better way to use that space than displaying photos or coffee-table books. There is a choice: you may have leaning ladder shelves or the freestanding ones - both go to enhance the looks of the surroundings.

Hanging Shelves, often called as Suspension Shelves by some, consist of a number of shelves that are hung one below the other by a rope or at times thru a two-inch nylon webbing. As the nomenclature clearly suggests these may be hung from the ceiling, keeping the floor space below free for any other use.

Wall Shelves will find utility in any home as they can be used in any part of the home. In most of the cases these are mounted on the wall with screws or brackets, which in turn are fixed with the aid of studs within the wall itself. A very popular model of wall shelf comprises of two brackets onto which the shelf rests. Another style of mounting bracket is such that when screwed together it clamps down on the shelf thus holding it tight against the wall.

There are quite a few features associated with floating shelves that make them so favored of most of the householders. Though wall shelves are as effective in saving floor space, the advantage of floating shelves is that they are designed to hide the hardware needed to support them; it’s all there between the wall and the shelf. That keeps your walls neat and great looking.

Irrespective of the type of shelving that you decide to have, there are two things you should bear in mind while buying those. One, you should assess you requirements of home assembly and the second is to ensure that you procure all the necessary hardware needed to fix them properly on the wall.


Use Wall Mounted Shelving As A Home Decor

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Be it a workplace, home or any other place, we get surrounded by walls. It’s not often that we come across aesthetically decorated walls. Or, even places where walls have been put to on optimal use by installation of good looking accessories for storing of items, keeping the accessibility and aesthetics in mind. Let’s confine our thoughts to our place of inhabitation. Have you ever considered the inclusion of wall mounted shelving for your home? Open up your mind and see the potential such a simple device as floating shelves has to offer.

It will not be improper to address wall mounted shelving as apiece of furniture that could be exploited for storage and display apart from organizing of heterogeneous objects.

Depending upon its placing in the house, mounted shelving may be used to display family pictures, books, shields, plates, trophies, small paintings, pieces of art and craft, coffee mugs and the like and even toothpaste and toiletries in the bathroom. We also get sliding shelves and swivels for housing of TVs, surround systems, plasma screens, cable box, CD or DVD systems and computer monitors. Such utility features make it a perfect piece of beauty and functionality in one package.

Wall mounted shelving comes in three popular types: fixed, rolling or floating. A floating shelf is fixed by using a wall anchor and screws and by means of brackets, thereby doing away with traditional supports. They form a very simple D-I-Y project and offer a convenient accessibility for stored items. They are found very useful in kitchens and bathrooms as they offer additional counter place for keeping spices or condiments and brushes, combs, and shaving kits etc. Rolling shelf is again a wall mounted shelving unit that offers adjustable height for keeping taller objects. Depending on the height of the storage it can be made taller or shorter.

You may have wall mounted shelving in a variety of metals, colors and designs and shapes, thought its most popular form appears to be decorative wooden shelf. You do get them in metals and wires of aluminum. While deciding on the material and its finish, you should keep in mind the rest of the décor of your intended place for its installation. You may choose ton have one made out from any of the woods like maple, mahogany or oak that could be finished with polish, veneer or even leather to get a smooth looking professional shelf.

Wall mounted shelving can be used in almost any part of your home from kitchen to bathroom. You can save a lot of floor area by using them in your bedroom, basement, garage, living room, TV lounge, library, anywhere you want to create a bit of extra storage or housing.

But, there are places where it may not be very acceptable to have wooden shelving. Say, for instance using them in your kitchen of bathroom may spoil the wood or its polish as you tend to store wet items over there. Well, there is a very practical solution to overcome that problem. Use glass shelving instead. They are making their appearance felt because of the maintenance-free utility factor. Corner shelving looks good with family pictures, and works well for keeping baby toys. Likewise, books present a nice arrangement in a wooden book shelf.

Though wall mounted shelving has been in use since long, traditionally their application has been confined for storage of books and works of art. With an ever increasing number of electronic items and other products that really form a part of your daily life and household, this simple accessory has been exploited to its best. Designers and manufacturers have spared no efforts to present and manufacture them in such a large variety that you are sure to find one that meets with your approval and jells with the rest of the interiors of your home. Go ahead and choose a few to save floor area and store the items in a more presentable and convenient way.


Using A Floating Shelf In Home And Office

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It is a very common sight with most of the offices and homes to present shelf systems that are typically loaded with magazines and books. The whole scenario offers a very disarrayed look. Generally the shelves occupy a lot of space, which further adds to that scattered look of its contents. Shelf systems were not designed to be eyesores, a role they are most often observed to be playing. For getting an organized look that is pleasant to the eyes, you have to start with the shelving system in the first place.

A small or even a wider floating shelf not only makes its presence prominent but also gives you many an option to improve its usage. Once you have incorporated such a suitable shelf in the interiors of your home or an office, there are many ways that allow you to enhance its usefulness and decorative value to suit your tastes and style to get a very distinctive look for your place.

floating shelf

Generally people don't seem to make good use of bookends to lend an impressive look to the shelves. Bookends can also be used as separators for a large collection of books and magazines to have them organized in a few sections of different subjects. It becomes easier to locate any book that way. Make use of metallic or porcelain miniatures or replicas of any colorful item on the floating shelf to bring an extra sense of elegance to the whole space. A broad floating shelf provides an excellent opportunity of displaying family photos. One may confine the display of photos to decorative frames only.

Visually Pleasing Organization

Shelving is an incredible way to bring a sense of well-dressed organization to your home or office. Rather than having shelves flooded with books, binders, and magazines, add trendy wicker or sea grass baskets on a floating shelf. Shelves can be organized as good looking practical storage place. These can be stylishly used to hold stationary items and other small stuff that very often seem to have disappeared from desk drawers.

A suitably sized basket added to a floating mantle shelf, provides an ideal storage option for media and business card holders. Make use of cups and vases as containers for pens and pencils, which are not very convenient to locate in a drawer, and thus becomes a time consuming activity. Such items not only offer convenience of working but also add to the overall looks of the place. Large rectangular containers or pretty looking in/out bins may be used to keep files, paperwork, and bills away from sight.

Customizable Desks and Tables

Shelf systems and floating shelf may be exploited to house most of the electronic gadgetry found in any home. Unlike traditional desks and tables, they do not occupy any floor area. You can customize the space and location to suit your specific needs.

A smaller floating shelf will be useful for housing your telephone along with a note pad and pen around a narrow door when space is at a premium. In case you like to highlight it, give it a personal touch by adding a few small sized plotted plants.

A floating mantle shelf goes to give a grand look to a wall mounted LCD and plasma TVs. It's quite trendy to have a decorative cabinet for the TV. It could further be made more impressive by inclusion of ornamental plates or glassware on both the sides to have a balanced look. Otherwise the T.V. presents the picture of a big piece of plastic wedged in the middle of a bare wall. One may even have a combination of shelves of different sizes to house a computer and the connected accessories.

Shelf systems are functional in the sense that they enable you to better organization of items in the available limited space. An appropriate selection and a bit of imagination go a long way in giving the room an enhanced and inviting appearance.


Floating Shelves Benefits

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If ever you tried to fix a set of shelves, you would have experienced the frustration caused by intervening brackets that restrict your freedom of creativity. But, now you can feel relaxed! A novel type of shelving called "Floating Shelving" has been designed to do away with those traditional brackets.

You would certainly be relieved to learn that with floating shelves there is no traditional bracket to hold you back from crafting attractive wall designs. In place of traditional brackets there are internal brackets that go all along the depth of the shelf. The installation is carried in such a manner that you are unable to see the bracket at any time. This is achieved by sliding the shelving onto the brackets through an opening at the back of the shelf. This technique helps to provide a neat and sleek look to the shelves. Shelving fashioned in such a manner offers you the ease of putting it anywhere.

Floating shelves present a very delicate picture while hanging on the wall, as you are unable to notice any supporting brackets that are skillfully hidden from view, thus creating an impression as if they were floating on the wall. But, as a matter of fact they are much more sturdy and dependable than the shelves held in position by screwed down traditional brackets.

The designers and manufacturers are aware that these shelves will be hanging without any external support and suitably reinforce them. This is achieved by incorporating attaching screws into the wall. Additionally, durable materials are used for making internal brackets. The extensions are long enough to provide the much needed support. Such a design gives you the liberty of using them for heavier items without any fear of their collapsing.

floating shelves

Floating shelves present the most practical combination of utility and beauty. For a rich and traditional look, you may have them in different kinds of wood. These are also manufactured from resin material that offers a sturdy construction with longer life. Such shelves are more suitable if you have well designed modern interiors. And to your advantage they are easily available in all the imaginable colors to match the color scheme of any room. There are a lot of designs to suit any choice: from thin sleek looking shelves to those with very elaborate designs along the edges.

Whatever be your style, you are sure to find one to suit your taste and existing décor of the room it is intended for.



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