Use Wall Mounted Shelving As A Home Decor

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Be it a workplace, home or any other place, we get surrounded by walls. It’s not often that we come across aesthetically decorated walls. Or, even places where walls have been put to on optimal use by installation of good looking accessories for storing of items, keeping the accessibility and aesthetics in mind. Let’s confine our thoughts to our place of inhabitation. Have you ever considered the inclusion of wall mounted shelving for your home? Open up your mind and see the potential such a simple device as floating shelves has to offer.

It will not be improper to address wall mounted shelving as apiece of furniture that could be exploited for storage and display apart from organizing of heterogeneous objects.

Depending upon its placing in the house, mounted shelving may be used to display family pictures, books, shields, plates, trophies, small paintings, pieces of art and craft, coffee mugs and the like and even toothpaste and toiletries in the bathroom. We also get sliding shelves and swivels for housing of TVs, surround systems, plasma screens, cable box, CD or DVD systems and computer monitors. Such utility features make it a perfect piece of beauty and functionality in one package.

Wall mounted shelving comes in three popular types: fixed, rolling or floating. A floating shelf is fixed by using a wall anchor and screws and by means of brackets, thereby doing away with traditional supports. They form a very simple D-I-Y project and offer a convenient accessibility for stored items. They are found very useful in kitchens and bathrooms as they offer additional counter place for keeping spices or condiments and brushes, combs, and shaving kits etc. Rolling shelf is again a wall mounted shelving unit that offers adjustable height for keeping taller objects. Depending on the height of the storage it can be made taller or shorter.

You may have wall mounted shelving in a variety of metals, colors and designs and shapes, thought its most popular form appears to be decorative wooden shelf. You do get them in metals and wires of aluminum. While deciding on the material and its finish, you should keep in mind the rest of the d├ęcor of your intended place for its installation. You may choose ton have one made out from any of the woods like maple, mahogany or oak that could be finished with polish, veneer or even leather to get a smooth looking professional shelf.

Wall mounted shelving can be used in almost any part of your home from kitchen to bathroom. You can save a lot of floor area by using them in your bedroom, basement, garage, living room, TV lounge, library, anywhere you want to create a bit of extra storage or housing.

But, there are places where it may not be very acceptable to have wooden shelving. Say, for instance using them in your kitchen of bathroom may spoil the wood or its polish as you tend to store wet items over there. Well, there is a very practical solution to overcome that problem. Use glass shelving instead. They are making their appearance felt because of the maintenance-free utility factor. Corner shelving looks good with family pictures, and works well for keeping baby toys. Likewise, books present a nice arrangement in a wooden book shelf.

Though wall mounted shelving has been in use since long, traditionally their application has been confined for storage of books and works of art. With an ever increasing number of electronic items and other products that really form a part of your daily life and household, this simple accessory has been exploited to its best. Designers and manufacturers have spared no efforts to present and manufacture them in such a large variety that you are sure to find one that meets with your approval and jells with the rest of the interiors of your home. Go ahead and choose a few to save floor area and store the items in a more presentable and convenient way.