Floating Wall Shelving Ideas

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There is too large a variety of wall shelving with an equally large number of designs and materials. One could have a traditional one to the ultra mod designs and materials. You are sure to find one that suits your budget and fits your idea of shelving.

My son in his growing years would like a Nike ‘tick’- made by IKEA, it really was shaped like a ‘tick’. I wonder if IKEA still continues with that design, but you could anyway check it on their website.

Glass has been a favorite material of mine, as far as wall shelving is concerned. I like a particular design made by Argos. It comprises of a set of glass shelves that can be assembled at home and is suitably packed for the purpose. It has a height of 60cm with a width of 45 cm and all the pieces are held together by a dark wooden central piece.

They describe it as a Wave 3-Tier Glass Wall Shelving Unit and sell it for about $41.00.

At the other end we have the Harmony Wall Paneled Shelving Unit 200 produced by Arena Furniture. It is being retailed for nearly $954.00 and comprises of nine glass shelves set in to three individual shelving tiers. There is nothing to prevent me from concluding that the prices have a lot more to do with the name of the manufacturer than the real worth of a wall shelving unit. And, you might as well have a look at Alcove Shelving Unit that is designed by Terence Conran. To me it gave the impression of a pile of open-ended cardboard boxes on top of each other. Walnut is the material used and is also available in white.

Patent Office Shelving, produced by Retrouvius, is one shelving idea that I certainly like. This adjustable shelving system is made of cast iron and comes with the option of a single side or double sided to suit your specific requirements. Their retail price is about $955.00. Though they are labeled as retail shelving, the price and attractive design I am prompted to use them at home and find them strong enough to take the weight of all my books.

Another range of attractive shelving is provided by Kalusto Company but is rather expensive. One model of their wall shelving from the Tonelli Collection is called Chicane Wall Hanging Book Shelf. It’s priced at $1251.00 and may hold a weight of up to 5 Kg! Now that’s not my idea of a shelf.

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