Floating Corner Shelves For Speakers

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Good-looking corner shelves could hold things other than stereo speakers, especially the floating shelf design that seems to be hanging in mid air. A floating shelf is attached to the wall with specifically designed brackets that has two or three rods projecting out. The shelf just slides over these rods and gets locked due an access screw or a hexagonal nut provided at the bottom of the shelf.

Corner shelves are much in vogue with modern designs. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that they have been around for more than a hundred years, because even in good old days people needed some extra space in almost every room. As cabinets and cupboards provided for most of the storage, they would display their collectibles in corner shelves.

The earlier designs of corner shelves were provided with a decorative bracket made of wood or metal. As it remained visible to the onlooker it was designed to blend with the d├ęcor of the room. But the modern designs of shelves allow them to hang without the brackets being visible. Of course, you still get them with decorative brackets, but the floating kind of design is a rage these days.

Ever wondered if you could house a small TV in a corner shelf! Yes you can. Agreed, that they can't bear heavy weights, but depending on the kind of mounting employed, they can go to hold as much as fifty pounds! You may screw them directly onto the studs to improve their weight bearing capacity. However, don't ignore the instructions of the manufacturer, lest you should land up in an embarrassing situation.

Corner shelves make a very good addition to your bathroom, which never seems to have e enough space. They solve a very good purpose in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or almost any place in the house that you think could do with a bit of glamour and style.

Well, there is a limitation to the size and weight of the items that you may store in such shelves. Not that you can't use them for that purpose, but then you have to get them specifically made and styled for keeping bigger items. It will be smart idea to arrange a couple of them in a staggered manner so that the largest one remains at the bottom and as they go up the line the size keeps decreasing.

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