Floating Shelves Benefits

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If ever you tried to fix a set of shelves, you would have experienced the frustration caused by intervening brackets that restrict your freedom of creativity. But, now you can feel relaxed! A novel type of shelving called "Floating Shelving" has been designed to do away with those traditional brackets.

You would certainly be relieved to learn that with floating shelves there is no traditional bracket to hold you back from crafting attractive wall designs. In place of traditional brackets there are internal brackets that go all along the depth of the shelf. The installation is carried in such a manner that you are unable to see the bracket at any time. This is achieved by sliding the shelving onto the brackets through an opening at the back of the shelf. This technique helps to provide a neat and sleek look to the shelves. Shelving fashioned in such a manner offers you the ease of putting it anywhere.

Floating shelves present a very delicate picture while hanging on the wall, as you are unable to notice any supporting brackets that are skillfully hidden from view, thus creating an impression as if they were floating on the wall. But, as a matter of fact they are much more sturdy and dependable than the shelves held in position by screwed down traditional brackets.

The designers and manufacturers are aware that these shelves will be hanging without any external support and suitably reinforce them. This is achieved by incorporating attaching screws into the wall. Additionally, durable materials are used for making internal brackets. The extensions are long enough to provide the much needed support. Such a design gives you the liberty of using them for heavier items without any fear of their collapsing.

floating shelves

Floating shelves present the most practical combination of utility and beauty. For a rich and traditional look, you may have them in different kinds of wood. These are also manufactured from resin material that offers a sturdy construction with longer life. Such shelves are more suitable if you have well designed modern interiors. And to your advantage they are easily available in all the imaginable colors to match the color scheme of any room. There are a lot of designs to suit any choice: from thin sleek looking shelves to those with very elaborate designs along the edges.

Whatever be your style, you are sure to find one to suit your taste and existing d├ęcor of the room it is intended for.

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