Wire Floating Shelves Are Great For Food Storage

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Most families go for grocery shopping once a week and often find it difficult to store all the food stuff to be used during the week ahead. Looking to the present state of economy it’s not at all desirable to be wasting food. That means the householders need to look for affordable suitably designed devices in varying sizes for properly storing food items. One such storing device that allows us to store food without its getting spoiled is wire shelves.

It’s necessary to have some kind of shelving arrangement in the kitchen as cupboards and cabinets offer limited space and can’t contain all the items. Moreover, area in the kitchen is better utilized for storing pots and pans and dining and other accessories frequently needed in the kitchen. That’s what prompts many people to have a small closet included in the form of a pantry in the kitchen to store food.

wire floating shelves

There are two principal reasons for having wire shelves in the pantry. One is the ease with which these can be installed or dismantled, irrespective of their being free standing or remaining attached to the wall. The other reason is that canned foods are quite heavy and add up to give a lot of weight when stacked one above the other, and the metallic wire frame can easily support these.

The other place in the kitchen where you could gainfully include wire shelves is the refrigerator. That’s not because such frames are capable of holding large weight that the fridge is competent to hold, but also the fact that the items remain stored at low temperatures. Since the thin holes in the wire shelves allow free circulation of air, the uniformity of temperature is maintained from the uppermost to the lowest shelf.

Just like the refrigerator, the freezer can also be provided with wire shelves for the desired effects. The air in the freezer too can circulate thru the contents of the shelves. Further, it’s very convenient to remove such shelves for cleaning the freezer when it becomes too frosty. It’s also easy to clean refrigerator or freezer in case of accidental spills.

Utilizing wire shelving is perhaps the best option for storing food products within or the outside of the refrigerator. These are strong and designed for that purpose only. The best feature of these shelves is that they facilitate circulation of air that goes to keep the food fresh for a long time.


How To Select Floating Shelves For Bathroom

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Technological developments coupled with advanced manufacturing processes have led to the development of many useful man-made materials. These materials are strong and durable and overcome many of the limitations of natural or other products that had hitherto been considered wonderful. Let’s consider glass for instance, one of the most brittle materials that we have known since ages. Despite its positive features, its use was rather limited, because of its being prone to breaking into thousands of tiny pieces, which proved fatal time and again.

Present day technology has to a great extent succeeded in overcoming the negative characteristics of glass. These days, different kinds of it are manufactured to suit different applications. Some of them are as strong as metals and they don’t break easily, and even when they do, there are not those dangerous miniscule pieces, as you might have noticed sometimes with an accidental vehicle.

bathroom shelves

Modified characteristics of glass have opened many channels for its industrial and domestic applications and the one that comes to immediate mind is beautifully crafted pieces of furniture and shelves in attractive designs and colors. Glass shelves prove to be items of great utility in most homes. They can be designed to carry heavy loads, are installed conveniently and an average homeowner can easily undertake such installation without asking for any professional help.

Of the many kinds of glass shelves, the one that continues to fascinate most people is known as floating glass shelf. These are transparent enclosures of glass and are installed to give the impression as if suspended in mid air. That effect of floating in the air is achieved by incorporating specially designed connectors, which hold them on the wall, but remain invisible to the onlooker.

Floating glass shelves make a unique appearance on the walls and the contents that you may decide to house therein suddenly begin to look all the more interesting and impressive. You can store almost any item in these shelves like: antiques, figurines, books and magazines, electronic gadgets, or even wine glasses. It all depends upon your personal preferences and requirements. Further, they require minimal maintenance as you don’t have to paint or polish them periodically; just wipe them clean with a soft cloth to avoid scratches.

You get them in many sizes and designs, depending on the intended purpose that you might have. Another helpful feature is that you can a number of them and fix them on the wall in a staggered manner. If you like to display a series of items, arrange the shelves in an eye catching fashion, keeping in mind that smaller items are easily viewed if placed close to each other at eye level, while larger ones have to be spaced keeping their height in mind.

Before you go out to buy floating glass shelves it will be good to do a bit of your homework. At the outset, you should be clear of the items that you like to store, yes it refers to the weight and size of the items because that determines the kind of shelves you can have. The quality of glass and its thickness needed for storage of heavier items, say books or music systems is certainly different from the one needed for displaying your small lightweight figurines. Another important aspect is to decide the spot where you are going to keep it floating! Takes measurements and buy an appropriate size for perfect fitment.


Custom And Glass Steel Shelves

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Steel shelving systems are made in varying thickness (gauge) of steel. The thicker the metal, the sturdier will be the end product. A very helpful feature of custom-made steel shelving systems is that these can be made to your specifications to suit your precise requirements. They are designed to provide light, medium or heavy-duty storage; depending on the kind of items you would like to store therein. Therefore, it's important to be clear of what items you are going to store in such shelves. Obviously, you need to have thicker gauge of metal for storing heavy items and vice versa.

Glass Steel Shelves

Items that you just can't dispose off but wouldn't like to get cluttered in home are best stored in custom-made steel shelving systems that are available in many designs and sizes, thus helping you to better organize your place and have clean environments.

One advantage of using custom-made steel shelving systems is that you can choose from many of the designs that include: open back or closed back, single or double entry, long span or rivet wide span and double rivet rack shelving. This kind of shelving is ideally installed in garages, basements and storerooms.

Keep the following factors in mind while deciding the design of shelving:

* Earmark the space where you would like to install the shelves.
* Decide the open back shelving or closed back shelving, depending on space available and your storage requirements.
* Make out the items that you intend storing therein.

Over many generations the combination of steel and glass has continued to be patronized for its obvious advantages and even today we find it at so many laces in our daily life because of its utility and looks. The same idea of combining the twin materials when extended to include shelving units delivers functional storage space with sleek sophisticated looks. Yes, they are functional but you need to spend sometime for deciding their optimum use. First of all you need to decide the place for keeping them and measure the area available. Then, you should decide the items for which you intend using them and be able to visualize how would they look in the place you have in mind for them. All this needs to be considered while looking for their design. The items to be stored are the most elemental, as probably you wouldn't think of using them for heavy items like a toolbox, for instance. The weight and size of items matters the most.

You'll also find shelves made from a combination of steel and glass. These area favorite of doctors, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, hospitals and such medicine related facilities as they enable viewing of their contents, are easy to clean and look neat.

Because of their neat appearance and easy maintenance they ask for, this combination is often used to store items in the kitchen also. They add a touch of class to wherever you put them, including bathrooms and living rooms too. But, once again you have to keep in mind their weight bearing capacity, they are not steel shelves and should be used for accommodating lighter items.


Floating Corner Shelves For Speakers

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Good-looking corner shelves could hold things other than stereo speakers, especially the floating shelf design that seems to be hanging in mid air. A floating shelf is attached to the wall with specifically designed brackets that has two or three rods projecting out. The shelf just slides over these rods and gets locked due an access screw or a hexagonal nut provided at the bottom of the shelf.

Corner shelves are much in vogue with modern designs. You shouldn't be surprised to learn that they have been around for more than a hundred years, because even in good old days people needed some extra space in almost every room. As cabinets and cupboards provided for most of the storage, they would display their collectibles in corner shelves.

The earlier designs of corner shelves were provided with a decorative bracket made of wood or metal. As it remained visible to the onlooker it was designed to blend with the d├ęcor of the room. But the modern designs of shelves allow them to hang without the brackets being visible. Of course, you still get them with decorative brackets, but the floating kind of design is a rage these days.

Ever wondered if you could house a small TV in a corner shelf! Yes you can. Agreed, that they can't bear heavy weights, but depending on the kind of mounting employed, they can go to hold as much as fifty pounds! You may screw them directly onto the studs to improve their weight bearing capacity. However, don't ignore the instructions of the manufacturer, lest you should land up in an embarrassing situation.

Corner shelves make a very good addition to your bathroom, which never seems to have e enough space. They solve a very good purpose in your kitchen, bedroom, living room or almost any place in the house that you think could do with a bit of glamour and style.

Well, there is a limitation to the size and weight of the items that you may store in such shelves. Not that you can't use them for that purpose, but then you have to get them specifically made and styled for keeping bigger items. It will be smart idea to arrange a couple of them in a staggered manner so that the largest one remains at the bottom and as they go up the line the size keeps decreasing.