Using A Floating Shelf In Home And Office

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It is a very common sight with most of the offices and homes to present shelf systems that are typically loaded with magazines and books. The whole scenario offers a very disarrayed look. Generally the shelves occupy a lot of space, which further adds to that scattered look of its contents. Shelf systems were not designed to be eyesores, a role they are most often observed to be playing. For getting an organized look that is pleasant to the eyes, you have to start with the shelving system in the first place.

A small or even a wider floating shelf not only makes its presence prominent but also gives you many an option to improve its usage. Once you have incorporated such a suitable shelf in the interiors of your home or an office, there are many ways that allow you to enhance its usefulness and decorative value to suit your tastes and style to get a very distinctive look for your place.

floating shelf

Generally people don't seem to make good use of bookends to lend an impressive look to the shelves. Bookends can also be used as separators for a large collection of books and magazines to have them organized in a few sections of different subjects. It becomes easier to locate any book that way. Make use of metallic or porcelain miniatures or replicas of any colorful item on the floating shelf to bring an extra sense of elegance to the whole space. A broad floating shelf provides an excellent opportunity of displaying family photos. One may confine the display of photos to decorative frames only.

Visually Pleasing Organization

Shelving is an incredible way to bring a sense of well-dressed organization to your home or office. Rather than having shelves flooded with books, binders, and magazines, add trendy wicker or sea grass baskets on a floating shelf. Shelves can be organized as good looking practical storage place. These can be stylishly used to hold stationary items and other small stuff that very often seem to have disappeared from desk drawers.

A suitably sized basket added to a floating mantle shelf, provides an ideal storage option for media and business card holders. Make use of cups and vases as containers for pens and pencils, which are not very convenient to locate in a drawer, and thus becomes a time consuming activity. Such items not only offer convenience of working but also add to the overall looks of the place. Large rectangular containers or pretty looking in/out bins may be used to keep files, paperwork, and bills away from sight.

Customizable Desks and Tables

Shelf systems and floating shelf may be exploited to house most of the electronic gadgetry found in any home. Unlike traditional desks and tables, they do not occupy any floor area. You can customize the space and location to suit your specific needs.

A smaller floating shelf will be useful for housing your telephone along with a note pad and pen around a narrow door when space is at a premium. In case you like to highlight it, give it a personal touch by adding a few small sized plotted plants.

A floating mantle shelf goes to give a grand look to a wall mounted LCD and plasma TVs. It's quite trendy to have a decorative cabinet for the TV. It could further be made more impressive by inclusion of ornamental plates or glassware on both the sides to have a balanced look. Otherwise the T.V. presents the picture of a big piece of plastic wedged in the middle of a bare wall. One may even have a combination of shelves of different sizes to house a computer and the connected accessories.

Shelf systems are functional in the sense that they enable you to better organization of items in the available limited space. An appropriate selection and a bit of imagination go a long way in giving the room an enhanced and inviting appearance.

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