Floating Shelves Enhances Your Home Decor

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The internal décor of your home affects your mood. The décor comprises of rugs, furniture, lighting, color and many other items. You also need to incorporate certain stylish accessories like say floating shelves that improve the overall impression of the place and keeps you in good humor. You can effectively use the floating shelves for displaying your family heirlooms, family photographs, beautiful pieces of arts and antiques and other personal knickknacks.

floating shelves

It may help you to know that floating shelves are lightweight with a hollow core and are mounted on the wall with the help of brackets that are not visible to the onlooker. The brackets help them to stay put and hold more weight than they would otherwise. Made from wood or solid timber, these shelves give the impression as if floating in the air.

It doesn’t really matter what items you decide to display in your floating shelves but they should certainly have great looks. Primarily, floating shelves are available in two kinds of patterns. One design incorporates the hidden wall brackets as mentioned above, while the other design has mantle alcove shelves using wooden cleats that go to support the shelf. Other than this, a mirrored jewelry cabinet has a large demand and women the world over love to have one.

floating shelf

These days the market offers you a very large variety of jewelry cabinets. You may browse online and look for beautiful roomy mirrored jewelry cabinets on some auction sites or visit jewelry stores and get them at reasonable and competitive prices. You criteria for selection should be how large an area you require for storage of items.

Jewelry cabinets and chests are available in varying designs and sizes to accommodate many items and keep them organized. Mirrored jewelry cabinets come in beautiful and interesting designs with exclusively designed mirrors and some of them have mirrors on the interiors also. A jewelry cabinet may not necessarily require a lock as some of them are designed to give the impression of a mirror fixed on the wall and don’t really look like a jewelry cabinet that may have expensive items within it. For an amateur hobbyist or collector mini shelf systems are necessarily required. People who are keen to collect small items will find a mini shelf system a great way to showcase their most precious items and possessions in an organized way.


Contemporary Floating Cube Shelves

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Cube shelving often proves to be a good option when you want to get rid of all the clutter on the floor to get a neat organized look to your room or for displaying some of your personal treasures. You get these in a variety of materials varying from the cheap cardboard unit to the expensive variety made of colored toughened glass.

Availability of cubes in many varying sizes enables you to choose one that would best answer your requirements. You need to take an inventory of items you intend storing and decide the size. Invariably it helps to procure floating cubes in varying sizes and have a mix and match kind of an arrangement thus using different cube for different sizes or categorized items. These cubes are available in different colors to further help the matter. Such an arrangement ideally allows you to exploit the most of available storage while continuing to have an appealing and functional arrangement.

cube shelves

Usually, the cubes are made from plastics. That keeps them lightweight and the best part is that plastic can be given any color, enabling you choose from a very wide range of colors to have attractive colorful arrangement. These are also manufactured in varying shapes and that further helps to have maximum utilization of space. The colors and shapes offer many opportunities to create the right combination that goes to complement the surroundings of the room including color of the walls and furniture and upholstery.

Followed by plastics, wood is the other most often material used for making cubes. You can have those in natural wood. However, more often these are made from particle board with a thin covering of wood or faux wood. Depending on your budget and the kind of looks that you like to have in the room that is going to accommodate these cubes, you can opt for an appropriate variety.

At times people choose to make storage crates on the lines of old style of milk delivering boxes. These, as also the wire storage units are not very appropriate for storage of small sized items which can easily slide and fall thru. Such a design is better suited for storage of items larger than the size of the gaps. Before going for this design of storage unit you would better measure the size of the items that you plan to store therein and carry a tape with you at the time of buying, enabling you to measure the gaps.

The more expensive designs of cube shelving are made from tempered glass. This type of glass is especially made to remain stronger that conventional glass. The other notable feature of shattered glass is on getting broken for whatever reason it doesn’t break into tiny sharp pieces, thus making its use safer.

Finally, the choice of floating shelving cubes is entirely up to you, depending upon your budget and personal style. There are many sources for procurement too, you may opt to order your requirements online or visit a couple of local stores before you hit the one exactly as per your taste and budget.


Wire Floating Shelves Are Great For Food Storage

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Most families go for grocery shopping once a week and often find it difficult to store all the food stuff to be used during the week ahead. Looking to the present state of economy it’s not at all desirable to be wasting food. That means the householders need to look for affordable suitably designed devices in varying sizes for properly storing food items. One such storing device that allows us to store food without its getting spoiled is wire shelves.

It’s necessary to have some kind of shelving arrangement in the kitchen as cupboards and cabinets offer limited space and can’t contain all the items. Moreover, area in the kitchen is better utilized for storing pots and pans and dining and other accessories frequently needed in the kitchen. That’s what prompts many people to have a small closet included in the form of a pantry in the kitchen to store food.

wire floating shelves

There are two principal reasons for having wire shelves in the pantry. One is the ease with which these can be installed or dismantled, irrespective of their being free standing or remaining attached to the wall. The other reason is that canned foods are quite heavy and add up to give a lot of weight when stacked one above the other, and the metallic wire frame can easily support these.

The other place in the kitchen where you could gainfully include wire shelves is the refrigerator. That’s not because such frames are capable of holding large weight that the fridge is competent to hold, but also the fact that the items remain stored at low temperatures. Since the thin holes in the wire shelves allow free circulation of air, the uniformity of temperature is maintained from the uppermost to the lowest shelf.

Just like the refrigerator, the freezer can also be provided with wire shelves for the desired effects. The air in the freezer too can circulate thru the contents of the shelves. Further, it’s very convenient to remove such shelves for cleaning the freezer when it becomes too frosty. It’s also easy to clean refrigerator or freezer in case of accidental spills.

Utilizing wire shelving is perhaps the best option for storing food products within or the outside of the refrigerator. These are strong and designed for that purpose only. The best feature of these shelves is that they facilitate circulation of air that goes to keep the food fresh for a long time.